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In Konoha, Aru climbed the steps of the building that led up to Naruto's apartment. He was making an effort to avoid running into any people that might question his presence in the place. Thankfully for him since it was mid-day most of such people were out, of course even if he had run into any bystanders, they would not have been an issue.

The man finished the last step and turned down the narrow hallway, walking a few feet before stopping in front of Naruto's door.

Aru tested the handle only to find it locked. 'Of course, what person living in a ninja village doesn't lock the door?' Doing a quick check to the left and then to the right, with one hit he quickly kicked the door open.

Aru walked into the apartment and immediately raised his brow at the sorry state inside. "My god, what pathetic squalor is this?" The man said as he walked around, taking note of dirty dishes in the sink and the empty containers of instant ramen. He didn't even want to pay more attention to the stench from the bathroom than he already had.

But underneath the masking odor of whomever owned this humbled abode was a lingering scent. Aru took a deep intake thru his nostrils which wrinkled at the scent and caused him frown, but after taking a moment to register it he uttered but a single word. "Lilith."

Her scent, though faint, was all over this foul apartment. She had been here, perhaps maybe a day or two ago. Aru cursed under his breath and clenched his hands tightly into fists "I just missed that bitch." He said angrily.

Aru sat down on a chair in front of the table with a sigh and then as a way of releasing his pent up anger, slammed his open palm down on the table, causing the giant mountain of empty ramen boxes to tremble. The man looked at the boxes, reaching over and picking up one. "Instant Beef Ramen, just add water." He then took a list at the ingredient list. "Who the hell could eat that much sodium regularly and stay alive?"

Who indeed?

Lilith had clearly been in this apartment, but why? What guttersnipe that lived here could have enticed someone like her?

Aru sat in the chair for another moment while he contemplated things in his mind. He then stood up from the chair and walked around the apartment, trying to find out something more about the occupant other than the fact he had an unhealthy obsession with ramen.

He stopped in front of the closet and opened it up to find it filled with a remarkably large amount of orange clothing. "Horrible taste in fashion." He said as he closed the closet and then checked some drawers, finding some kunais, shurikens, and other equipment suiting only one type of occupation. "Definitely a ninja, interesting."

Aru ran a hand thru his hair and then turned his head once he noticed something. Hanging on the wall was a framed picture.

Walking up to the picture, Aru studied it intently. It had four people in it, a pink haired girl in a red dress, a boy with black hair and very intense looking eyes, and older gray-haired man with a mask covering the lower half of his face, and finally, a blonde haired boy wearing an orange jumpsuit, standing opposite the other boy.

'That must be who lives here. The color could not be more of a giveaway.' Aru stared at the boy in orange, as if studying him. And then, without making a single sound, he walked out of the apartment, a small smile on his face.

At the site of Naruto's growing kyuubi cloak, Yamato was compelled to use his mokuton to suppress him, but he withheld. 'Doing so will limit our available room to move around and only give Orochimaru an opportunity to attack or escape, maybe both. So for now our only option may be to hope Naruto doesn't go too far.'

Naruto now had three tails, the maximum amount he could have before things got 'too dangerous' so to say. He looked like he was ready to explode while barely stopping himself from doing so.

"Yes, show me your strength boy." Orochimaru taunted, ignoring the fact that he felt like he was staring down the genuine Kyuubi right at that moment.

"You want to see it? Here it is!" Naruto shouted, or roared was more like it, then pounced, clawed hand ready to rip off the snake's head. Oddly enough, Orochimaru seemed to let himself take the hit, adjusting his position just enough to avoid the worst of it but not all of it. Upon impact he was sent flying back and crashing loudly against the back wall.

The smoke cleared and Orochimaru wobbled out of it, which his face ripped to shreds. Instead of muscle or bone underneath it, there was just another man's face. A less pale face with different hair, but the eyes were the same. "My oh my, you sure have become quite the jinchuuriki Naruto."

Orochimaru then coughed up some blood and put his hand up against the wall to avoid falling over. "Damn, he hit harder than I thought. If he had used more power I might really be close to dying for once."

"Naruto be careful!" Sakura shouted. "This amount of chakra is too much to control for anyone!" 'I can feel it thru the air like heat. How can he withstand it? Or Hinata, when she's right next to him?'

Hinata felt the pressure from the Kyuubi cloak, but she was withstanding it quite well. 'It must be because of Lilith. Having a demon inside myself must grant me some tolerance to the chakra of other demons.'

A snake emerged from Orochimaru's mouth, and out of its own mouth emerged a sword, the Kusanagi. Orochimaru took it in his hands and charged at Naruto, wanting to see the effect it would have on a jinchuuriki. Seeing the attack Naruto roared and it appeared a sonic boom was created that hit Orochimaru and knocked him back into the wall again. The sonic boom even tore up the floor ahead of Naruto and the walls too, making the hallway look like it was about to collapse in on itself.

Behind Naruto Yamato and Sakura felt a sort of rebound effect, making them lose their balance. Yamato managed to stay on his feet but Sakura fell back on her butt with a hard thud, but nothing was really hurt. Hinata was knocked against the wall and her head was hurt, but Lilith provided soothing chakra right away to keep her conscious.

'I better act now before we're buried alive.' Yamato thought before creating some wooden pillars to support the decaying hallway while restraining Naruto a bit to weaken his chakra.

Kabuto showed up by his mentor's side and helped him back on his feet. "What happened Orochimaru-sama?"

Orochimaru smiled despite a minor cough. "Naruto has come along nicely as a jinchuuriki. Pity he's too honorable to come to our side."

Kabuto looked down the hall and saw the entrapped Naruto, who was struggling but his cloak was dissipating. 'He could become a serious threat. Is it better to kill him off now or wait and make use of him first like Orochimaru-sama wants in removing the Akatsuki?'

The snake sannin saw the wooden beams and knew they had to be jutsu-created. Looking at Yamato he connected all the dots. "Ah I see, that must be why you were chosen to watch over him for this mission. It would appear my experiment did better than I initially thought."

'What is he talking about?' Sakura wondered.

"I hope Konoha appreciates my work now, since they've made such good use of you my little guinea pig." Orochimaru added, making Yamato clench his jaw.

"Guinea pig? You know this person?" Kabuto asked, just as confused as Sakura was.

"In a manner. You see, the Shodai Hokage had a special ability, which allowed him to use wood-based jutsu, the mokuton. With it he was able to create forests, constructs, and most impressive of all take control of a bijuu. An ability I was quite envious of and intrigued by as you could predict." Orochimaru explained. "But no one else since then has had this ability, not even that drunk Tsunade possessed the ability. But luckily I managed to obtain some of his DNA from his remains."

"You grave-robbed?" Hinata said in horror. "Do you have any boundaries at all?"

Orochimaru chuckled darkly but otherwise ignored her question. "I carried out an experiment where I spliced his DNA into the cells of sixty different children in hopes that at least one of them would inherit and use the mokuton. If it worked, then any kekkei genkai could be brought back from extinction and given to virtually anyone. Like myself. Sadly, their bodies rejected the foreign DNA and they died one after another. But it appears that when I was distracted from the experiment by other priorities, one child survived and ended up in Konoha's custody without me knowing."

'Well that explains his use of the mokuton.' Sakura thought, looking at Yamato.

Kabuto grinned. "Well now's your chance at reclaiming what is clearly a long overdue test sample."

"Yes, but first I'd still like to see our Sasuke fight the Kyuubi boy. It will really let us know-"

"Shut up!" Naruto shouted, his cloak down to one tail. "I'm not here for Sasuke, I'm here to kick your ass! And if he tries to stop me I'll kick his ass too!"

"I know the wood-user is only trying to keep him calm, but right now he needs out of those binds." Lilith told Hinata, who nodded. Using her juuken she broke open the wood and freed Naruto.

"Hinata! What are you doing?" Yamato and Sakura asked.

"Naruto-kun can't fight if he's all tied up." The Hyuuga heiress told them.

"Though I bet he'd put up a good struggle if he was tied to the bed while you dominated him." Lilith commented, amused.

Kabuto came forward with green hands, ready to fend off the jinchuuriki. But before Naruto could react, Hinata did by getting in front of him with her byakugan and juuken ready. Kabuto attempted to strike her nonetheless and she blocked his chakra scalpel.

'Wasn't she tired not more than an hour ago? How is she able to respond so effectively?' Sakura wondered. 'Did Naruto somehow help her recover, or is this because of her love for Naruto and her need to help him?'

"Impressive, for a start." Kabuto complimented before adding a follow-up attack that Hinata blocked too. But he had been expecting that so she would be forced to create an opening where he could attack her directly. What he hadn't expected was an extra limb to come out from behind Hinata and hit him with the force and feel of a kunai.

'What the hell is that?' Kabuto thought, trying to get a clear look. 'Does this girl have a tail too?'

The only reason Sakura and Yamato weren't making a fuss over this was because some of Yamato's wood beams were blocking their view of Hinata, effectively concealing Lilith's contribution from them. And before they could move and see such a thing, she withdrew it and made it fade back into Hinata's body. Her secret was thus still safe.

Kabuto backed away, hand over the wound he had received that was already healing. 'Damn, she pierced my stomach with that. I might be in serious danger were I not an expert healer even of myself. This girl's got to go down.' Readying himself he tried again, this time more defensive.

Naruto wasn't about to let his girlfriend fight one of his worst enemies alone. He thrust a chakra claw at Kabuto who jumped before losing a leg, and Hinata used the opportunity to juuken Kabuto's defenseless lower body for one brief moment. Adding succubus claws for extra effect she made him bleed at the same time.

Hindered but not out Kabuto was still ready to go when he landed, though he had to limit his footwork now. He aimed a chakra scalpel at Hinata's neck, missing but managing to cut some of her hair off. Naruto tried to attack him but Kabuto blocked the worst of the hit although his left arm gained a nasty gash. Before Naruto could add a follow-up attack Kabuto tried to knee him in the stomach. He did it with much difficulty, but his resilient body managed to pull it off.

Naruto looked like he barely felt it though, and thus he added in a fist to Kabuto's face, knocking the near-sighted ninja off his feet. A crunching sound could be heard, implicating that Kabuto's jaw was broken.

Seeing his first apprentice getting his ass kicked and for once at high risk for death, Orochimaru stepped into the fight surprising the two Konoha ninja. The snake's clear target was Naruto, but Hinata blocked his attack only to take a hit from Kusanagi herself in her left abdomen.

Naruto saw this and he could swear his blood and chakra froze right then. Sakura gasped loudly and Yamato was getting ready to make a move too, though he hoped he wouldn't have to subdue Naruto again.

Hinata, despite her pain, smiled. "Bad idea Orochimaru."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"You're within my range." She stated, making him realize just how close he had put himself to a Hyuuga, a Hyuuga with claws. "Two palms. Four palms. Eight palms. Sixteen palms! Thirty-two palms! Sixty-four palms!" She said, hitting him numerous times even after he let go of his sword. And to top it off, she added one more move it. "Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm!" She created a small vacuum in her hand and compressed it before unleashing it right next to him, the end result being a sort of mini-explosion that sent him flying back. This time the wall he crashed into gave in entirely, and the ceiling crumbled too. But another hallway could be seen on the other side.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto said as he came up to his lover, who fell on her knees. By now his chakra cloak was gone.

"I'm alright, but can you get this sword out of me?" She asked.

"This is the one way I don't like being penetrated." Lilith complained. "Don't worry, I'm working on the poisons on the blade as we speak, though this might require another romp in the sack later tonight whether Mr. I've-Got-Wood likes it or not."

Kabuto meanwhile, while not fully healed of his internal and external injuries, was stable enough to put some space between himself and them. Orochimaru meanwhile had to use his shedding skin regeneration jutsu to recover from the damage he had been given.

'I can't believe this. Two children forced me to use one of my trump cards.' The snake sannin thought offended while he saw the blonde boy carefully pull his sword out of the brunette girl. 'And with their comrades still fresh from not fighting if they join in the battle could turn in their favor. So I better bring some fresh blood into the fight on my side as well.'

"Kabuto, time to get him." Orochimaru subtly ordered.

Kabuto nodded since his jaw was too sore to speak right now. With that he left as quickly as he could.

"Now Sakura." Yamato ordered, knowing they couldn't afford to wait anymore. 'We need to stop him from gaining reinforcements.'

The mokuton user and the pink-haired medic tried to intercept Kabuto, the former creating wooden beams to try and encase him while the latter readied a punch to his head to knock him out or kill him, whichever was more likely to happen.

Using his chakra scalpels Kabuto cut away the wood beams and landed a hit on Sakura's arm, tearing one of the muscles in her arm. It wasn't dangerous but the pain caused her to lose her aim just enough for Kabuto to avoid it and attack her from behind. Yamato took out a kunai to try and attack Kabuto from behind and he landed a hit in his back, but Kabuto used Yamato's proximity to land a hit on him too, cutting muscles in his legs and making Yamato temporarily lose the ability to stand up properly.

"Amazing that Konoha thought these ninja were enough to defeat us." Kabuto taunted arrogantly, his jaw numb but fit to talk again. He really did appreciate the modifications made to his own body. "You did better than expected, I'll give you that much, but the worst place to fight a snake is in their own lair."

Kabuto was silenced by a surprise attack from his side, an attack at turned out to be Naruto using the Kusanagi. "You talk too much for a snake."

"And you're too reckless for a fox." Orochimaru added, drawing Naruto's attention. "Hidden Shadow Snakes." He summoned several snakes that came at him. Naruto recreated his tailless cloak to keep them off him, and used his claws to decapitate the ones that tried to retrieve Kusanagi. Kabuto used his distraction to land a solid punch to Naruto's gut, forcing him to step back. Still, Naruto looked unbothered.

"That was a weak try Orochimaru-teme."

The snake chuckled. "Oh, I wasn't trying to hurt you Naruto, I was distracting you."

Horror setting in, Naruto turned to see Hinata, who was covered in snakes that were strangling her and biting her all over her body. She tried creating her own demonic chakra cloak to fend off the serpents but it didn't seem to have the same effect as the one Naruto currently had. If anything the reptiles seemed to like it more.

"Stop using my chakra." Lilith warned. "The snakes are mistaking it for pheromones. You're basically encouraging them to attack you more."

Hinata immediately ceased her cloak, and dropped to her side due to excess venom in her and lack of oxygen.

"HINATA-CHAN!" Naruto roared as she came up to her and ripped the snakes to shreds. He gently held her and tried shaking her awake. "Are you alright? Please answer me!"

'So we have his weakness now. He's not doing this for the others, she's important to him. And she appears to have an exotic chakra of her own, one unlike any I'd expect to find in a Hyuuga. Could Konoha somehow have a second jinchuuriki?' Orochimaru pondered. 'No, no this is not a bijuu, this is something different.' "Looks like we're taking prisoners after all. This girl is too interesting to pass up. She'll make a great test subject."

If Orochimaru wanted Naruto to get angry with that, he got what he wanted in spades. Right away his cloak started to grow in strength, one tail after another sprouting. At three he extended his chakra arms like rubber and grabbed both Orochimaru and Kabuto with his chakra hands. His grip was choking them like he was trying to decapitate them with pressure alone.

Sakura had already recovered and was back on her feet. "Naruto?"

"Help... Hinata-chan." He hissed, not taking his eyes off his prey.

Sakura saw the downed Hyuuga and her medic training took over, making her tend to the girl. 'All this for her, while he's not even concerned about keeping his promise to me anymore. How is it in just three weeks time she's become a bigger priority to him than me, his own teammate?'

Hinata came back to consciousness and looked for Naruto. She smiled, though she was still concerned for him and struggled to sit up. Sakura tried to hold her down. "No Hinata, you shouldn't push yourself so much."

"I can still help Naruto-kun, so I haven't reached that point yet."

Yamato went to assist Naruto in Hinata's place. "Keep them like that just a bit longer." He said while doing a quick set of hand signs. "Wood Style Four Pillar Prison Jutsu." Wooden beams surrounded the two traitorous shinobi and effectively cut off Naruto's hold over them, but that was okay since they were still confined.

Rubbing his sore neck, Orochimaru did not look intimidated. "Did you really think mere wood would keep us trapped?"

"No, but that's not all I can use here." Yamato replied, hoping Naruto kept calm despite the fact he was still in his three-tails state and barely containing himself.

"Too bad you won't get a chance to use it." Orochimaru said before biting his thumb and performing a quick summons. Suddenly three giant snakes, similar to the ones he used in the invasion of Konoha, appeared in the cage, which was too small to contain them. The cage shattered and forced all four Konoha ninja back, while at the same time the snakes tore open the roof of the underground hallway and created a crater opening the area to the outside world again. The snakes then disappeared.

Freed and a little sore from being momentarily crushed themselves in the escape, Orochimaru and Kabuto got out of the crater to give themselves some time to recover. Neither wanted to admit it, but they had been pushed pretty hard today.

"Everyone okay?" Yamato asked, unable to see much thanks to the dust cloud from the damage done to the area. No one responded though. Naruto, still holding his three-tailed cloak for protective purposes, went to check on Hinata, only to see her out with blood on her face and the same thing for Sakura. Neither was unconscious, merely dazed, but in his shock he didn't see that.

"OROCHIMARU! KABUTO!" He yelled, with the dreaded fourth tail starting to emerge.

"Naruto don't!" Yamato cautioned, but to no avail. The tail had already formed, and at the same time a hand had grabbed his ankle.

In his mindscape Naruto felt like he was trudging up a river, one that was getting deeper and more aggressive with each step he took. Not only that, the river didn't look like water, but bubbling red-orange chakra. Up ahead of him, he was what looked like a cluster of snakes wrapped around a struggling Hinata like chains dragging her into the darkness.

'Oh no you don't! I'm not letting you get her too!' Naruto though as she raced towards her as fast as he could, the river reaching up to his chest then over his head, making him feel a bit suffocated. The struggle became futile and he passed out, never noticing the image of Hinata disappeared, replaced by a cage door with a seal on the lock and two glowing eyes behind it. Also the river seemed to reverse the direction of its current, making Naruto go forward instead of back.

His eyes open and his mind only somewhat aware of what was happening to him, Naruto barely noticed when he drifted into the cage thru the open bars. Once there the Kyuubi became much more visible, almost brighter, and had his hands around his host almost like he was trying to create a rasengan himself. The expression on the demon fox's face was difficult to read, but like always it wasn't positive.

"Hold it right there!" A voice ordered, halting Kyuubi right then.

The fox looked forward, and his expression turned darker. "You've got a lot of nerve showing your face to me, Lilith."

"Nice to see you again after so long Kyuubi-kun. Or should I say, Kurama-kun?" The succubus greeted with a teasing smile, floating before him surrounded by a violet bubble, protecting her from the overabundance of his own youki.

Kyuubi roared, but it had little effect. "I told you never to say my name again. You lost that right a long time ago."

"Still sore over that misunderstanding? It's been centuries, get over it already. I swear cat demons don't hold a grudge as well as you do and they curse the guilty and their descendants for generations." Lilith said.

"It wasn't a misunderstanding. You downright lied to me and took advantage of me. And as soon as you were forced to be honest you took the coward's way out. Do you expect me to forgive such a shameful act? What excuse could you possibly have to justify such callousness to me?"

Lilith shrugged. "It's just my nature. Bird's got to fly, fish's got to swim, and succubi's got to get laid."

"But to go that far for it-" Kyuubi tried to say.

"Kyuubi-kun, now's really not the time. Your host and mine are facing some serious threats, ones they cannot defeat without us. And you are the better fighter of the two of us. Please, I implore you, for old times sake, will you put aside your anger and self-pity long enough to help them out?"

Kyuubi narrowed his eyes. "Why the hell should I?"

Lilith fluttered her eyelashes at him. "If you play nice just this once, I'll let you dominate me like you used to when this is over."

"No deal." Kyuubi said, surprising her. "I swore you off long ago."

"But I'm sure being trapped inside people for such a long time and seeing them have sex has gotten you a pretty bad case of blue balls Kyuubi-kun." Lilith countered."My gut tells me Naruto-kun isn't the first person you were sealed in, is he?"

Kyuubi looked at Naruto in his open claws, seeing if the blonde was listening in. So far he still looked catatonic. "So what if he is or isn't? If you really want to encourage me to help you the only thing I'd be interested in getting is you leaving me and them."

"I see, but you and I both know I can't leave Hinata just yet. Although, if you were to take out your frustration on me you'll be sated for once and I'll be closer to leaving her like you want. Come on, you know you still want this." She said as she started sensually rubbing her intimate areas. Her fingers even held open her pussy lips as if to say 'Come on in'.

Kyuubi looked at her but showed no signs of accepting or rejecting her offer. All he did was clasp his hands around Naruto, resulting in a red glow.

In the real world, Naruto's eyes went pure white, devoid of any pupil while around the eyes formed dark rings similar to the ones Gaara had but much thinner. He crouched on the ground on all fours, with his skin beginning to peel off him in random spots and his blood evaporating on contact, mixing into the demonic chakra allowing it to be more visible to normal eyes. His fangs and claws were more pronounced and his clothes looked singed in some spots but most of all covered up by the thickening chakra cloak.

Hinata let go of his ankle. "Naruto-kun?"

"What's happening to him?" Sakura asked.

Yamato came beside the girls. "The Kyuubi is trying to take over. This is too much chakra for Naruto to control. He might not be able to tell who is or isn't his enemy anymore."

"Face him Hinata." Lilith told her host. "Trust me, you will be fine."

"This sure is unexpected." Someone said, catching them off guard. Yamato, Sakura, and Hinata turned to see who had just arrived, and were shocked to see who it was. Standing there in the rubble looking like he had just shown up, was Uchiha Sasuke. No longer wearing a blue shirt and white shorts like he used to, now he wore a cream old-fashioned shirt and dark blue pants both resembling a kisode and hakama in a reverse color scheme from his youth. At his waist was a thick purple rope tied in a bow in back acting like a belt, and held in this rope was a sheathed sword. His hair and face were still the same though.

Hinata frowned at seeing the boy who Naruto had thought of as a friend only to get a lightning-covered fist thru the ribcage for it. Hinata had never particularly liked or disliked Sasuke when they were younger, but once she learned exactly how Sasuke expressed his betrayal of Naruto she truly started to hate him. Seeing him right now brought back the anger she felt when she learned from Tsunade on what Naruto had suffered because of the last Uchiha.

"Who is this? He... reminds me of Madara for some reason." Lilith asked, seeing a resemblance in the two men, which filled her with both disgust and anger at the same time

"Uchiha Sasuke." Hinata hissed thru her teeth, looking like she wanted to rip the aforementioned boy's stomach out and make him eat it just to see what his body would do in that situation.

"Uchiha?" Lilith repeated, mostly to ensure she heard right. "Wait, isn't this the guy who tried to kill your One True Mate years ago?" Hinata's silence was answer enough.

Sakura was wide-eyed but otherwise she was... difficult to read. It was hard to tell if she was shocked silent or afraid or something, but at least there were no resurfacing fangirl behavior in her.

Sasuke himself showed no sign of acknowledging them, instead he looked solely at Naruto in the four-tailed state. "Hmm... I always knew the dobe was hiding some secret from me. Now's my chance to find out what it is."

Before he could use his sharingan to find out his former teammate's secrets, Hinata got in front of him, byakugan blaring and juuken ready to strike. "You even blink, and I'm going to make your lungs and balls trade places."

'My, I'm proud of the effect Naruto-kun and myself have on here. Had she never found me she'd never be this brazen.' Lilith thought, impressed.

Sasuke of course ignored her words but not her presence. "The Hyuuga heiress, am I right? You really think your inferior doujutsu can even hold a candle to mine?"

"Yes, unless you're afraid of being beaten by a girl." Hinata teased. "Is that why you never looked at your old fan club? You're gynophobic? Or maybe you bat for the other team?"

At that Sakura put her hand over her mouth and twitched a bit, though she didn't make a sound.

"Just when I think an Uchiha can't have less appeal to me, you actually make it happen." Lilith groaned.

'How is it she's safe being that close? Did I overestimate how dangerous this would be, or is this part of why Hokage-sama wanted her to be on the mission and with him at all times? Does Hinata really have some control over Naruto?' Yamato wondered.

Frowning lightly at the insults, Sasuke took out his sword, which was a chokuto with no guard on the handle, and swung it at her. "Die Hyuuga." He said it calmly but there was still anger in his words.

The sword was captured by one of Naruto's tails, and Naruto himself was right next to Hinata like he was her demonic pet. He was growling at Sasuke, looking ready to attack any second.

Hinata smiled and put her hand on his head between his fox ears. Naruto did not resist in any way. "You were saying, Uchiha?"

While Sasuke was distracted Yamato made a wooden beam come out of his left palm and grow towards Sasuke. The Uchiha meanwhile prepared a defensive jutsu. "Chidori Nagashi!" All of a sudden lightning arched around the area originating from him and the sword, striking Naruto and Hinata while cutting off Yamato's wood beam.

'He modified the Chidori?' Sakura asked herself, seeing her comrades downed temporarily by the attack, though Naruto was barely fazed. Not wanting them to get hurt further since they had down so much already, she charged at Sasuke with fists clenched. 'I'll have to stop Sasuke with my own power.'

Sasuke saw her and caught her arm, making her stop right in front of him. "No time no see Sakura. Still pining for me like always?"

Sakura looked at him and suddenly the feeling she had been trying to suppress since she saw him could not be held down anymore. She promptly vomited on him and quite profoundly at that, covering him in puke from chin to waist.

Sasuke backed away, disgusted by the act and the fact Sakura of all people did this to him outraged him. Sharingan active, he glared hatefully at her while she wiped her mouth and tried to calm her stomach. "You are so dead!" He aimed his sword at her and ran forward, ready to skewer her like dango.

Yamato came at him from the side armed with two kunai, but Sasuke thrust his sword at him rather than finish his attack on Sakura. Yamato tried to block it with the kunai but the throwing knives were cleaved by the larger blade, resulting in Yamato being impaled just under his left shoulder. The momentum forced the mokuton user backwards and on a broken block, effectively pinning him down.

"Yamato-taichou!" Sakura yelled.

"That guard failed. My sword is like Kusanagi, it cannot be blocked." Sasuke claimed.

Yamato found he couldn't fight off the blade, like it was weakening him. 'Is he channeling the chidori thru the blade? My muscles won't cooperate, the electricity from his jutsu is affecting my nervous system. And if his sword is like the famous Kusanagi, it's probably got some toxins on the blade that get into the victim's cuts and hurts them from within.'

Naruto roared and slashed him from behind, landing an effective wound on his former friend. Hinata followed him with a juuken strike to hit points designed to heighten the pain and make the wound feel more agonizing. Sasuke grimaced but he kept his ground. Releasing Yamato, he turned to the pair who still presented a united front.

'The Hyuuga is clearly the weaker of the two but with the dobe doing this strange thing I'm going to be hard-pressed to take her down first. Still, attacking him first is too risky. I'll go for her first.' He thought. Strangely the moment he tried to, he was stopped. But not by some kind of barrier. No, what stopped him was a two meter long pitch black lance that went right thru him from behind, hitting his heart.

"What the heck?" Yamato asked.

"Where did that come from?" Sakura asked as well.

Using her byakugan, Hinata checked where she presumed the attack came from judging by the angle of the weapon, which was from atop the crater. Up there she saw a boy wearing black holding an unfurled scroll and an ink-covered brush. 'Wait, he's wearing a Konoha hitai-ate. No one else was supposed to be sent here.'

The lance in Sasuke just sort of melted and became mere ink on the ground, though the damage had been done and some of the ink had gotten into his wounds and bloodstream now. The Uchiha dropped his sword and tried to cover his wound, but his heart had already stopped beating. Survival did not look realistic right now.

Despite the shock of this unexpected assistance, Hinata smirked. "So tell me Uchiha, how does it feel to have someone pierce you thru the chest for once?"
Here is a very sexy story written by BrownPhantom and myself.

Hinata has always been too shy and afraid to reveal herself to Naruto. But just before he returns to Konoha, she gets help from an unlikely source. Now she's got the guts to stake her claim, and she won't hide anymore. Rated M for a reason, not for kids.

For more of BrownPhantoms awesome work at [link]
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