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As per her father's wishes, Hinata went back out into the village to get some more modest clothes. But she was in no great hurry, mainly because she wanted to show Lilith around the village and try to avoid her team if at all possible. Shino was no problem, but Kiba might get on her nerves even more now and she couldn't imagine what Kurenai would say about her new appearance.

'Now that I think about it, outside Naruto-kun, my family and teammates are the only ones that actually told me they noticed my new look. At least to my face.' Hinata thought to herself. 'Hokage-sama didn't say anything when I gave her my report, Ino-san mentioned I looked great but didn't say if I looked any different than before, and Haruno-san was probably too upset to notice.'

"Hey, Hinata?" A voice called out to her from her right. Hinata looked that way and saw Ino and Tenten were together each with a drink in their hands. Ino was dressed normally but Tenten was wearing a pink tank top and black slacks, and seemed to be extremely happy. Tenten was walking a bit slower and somewhat bowlegged though but doing a good job hiding it.

"Hi girls. How are you?" Hinata replied as she came to a stop.

Ino looked her up and down, eyeing her like some sort of mannequin. "Wow Hinata that looks great on you. You should dress like that more often."

"Told ya." Lilith commented smugly. "In fact you should forget what your old man said and just stick with this style from now on. I mean, seriously what's he really going to do about it? Lock you in your room forever? You're a kunoichi dammit surely you can thwart him without my help."

"Maybe I will. Naruto-kun seems to like it."

"It certainly does your figure justice." The Yamanaka heiress added enviously. "What's your secret?"

Hinata shrugged. "Good genes I guess." 'And a little help from a horny demon.'

Ino sighed, disappointed. 'Damn, why is she the lucky one? I mean I know I'm not small. I'm at least 3 or 4 times bigger than Forehead, and maybe twice the size of Tenten here, but anyone looking at Hinata now would feel shortchanged bra-size-wise.'

Hinata sensed Ino's jealousy and suppressed a chuckle. She then looked at Tenten, who also appeared somewhat envious. "Maybe you should try something like this too. I bet Neji-nii-san will... appreciate it." She wiggled her eyebrows when she said 'appreciate'.

Tenten got the implied message and blushed. "You... think so?"

"I bet Naruto couldn't keep his frisky little hands off you yesterday, huh Hinata?" Ino asked teasingly.

"She's actually expecting you to not have anything to say. She thinks you're going to say 'nothing happened' and then she'll give you a hard time about it." Lilith told her host. "So why don't you surprise her instead?"

Hinata nodded with a smile. "You have no idea, Ino-san."

The Yamanaka heiress dropped her jaw. "Wait. You mean you two really...?"

"Repeatedly." Hinata added. It was a bit of a lie since they only actually had intercourse once but they had plenty of erotic fun before and after.

Ino and Tenten looked at the Hyuuga heiress with wide eyes and slack jaws, making her giggle openly this time. Ino even dropped her drink, spilling it all over the pavement. Tenten then regained her voice. "You? And Naruto? Last night? Repeatedly? Seriously?"

"I literally saw stars." Hinata stated with a confirming nod. "If I smoked I would have needed two cigarettes."

"No way. You've gotta be kidding." Ino said in disbelief.

"I've got a hickey in a place I can't show you in public." Hinata added shamelessly.

Tenten, without realizing it, placed her left hand on the side of her neck which was covered from view. Ino naturally saw this action. "Wait! You too?"

"Was Neji-nii-san good for you Tenten-san?" Hinata asked the bun-haired kunoichi.

"You and Neji?" Ino asked, then sighed in relief. "Thank Kami, for a moment I thought you meant you had been with Naruto too." She was slightly twitching at the idea, mostly because it was so weird as opposed to any revulsion.

"A threesome? Not a bad idea." Lilith said.

"No way. Naruto-kun is mine and mine alone." Hinata said to her inner demon, aloud.

"No sweat Hinata, you can have him. He's not my type." Tenten told the Hyuuga heiress, unaware who she was really talking to that moment.

"Same here." Ino added.

Hinata grinned. "Good. Your loss is my gain. My large, orgasmic, tasty gain." She said as she licked her lips.

Ino gave her a freaked-out look. "Since when have you been so... open on the topic of sex Hinata?" 'Please don't tell me I'm the only virgin in our group left. I doubt Forehead ever got anywhere yet, but now I gotta find out for sure.'

Hinata just shrugged. "Since I decided that the quiet approach wasn't working. Apparently the direct approach has much more satisfying results."

"You're telling me." Tenten said under her breath, remembering her own activities last night.

"You both gotta share the juicy details." Ino, ever the gossip lover, demanded to know.

Hinata arched an eyebrow. "I thought you wouldn't want to hear that since it includes Naruto-kun."

"I want to hear for myself just what he did that was so good." Ino was in full-out curious virgin mode just then.

Hinata thought that over for a second, and then smirked. "Sorry Ino, I don't kiss and tell." She finished with a wink.

Ino frowned. "Ahhh come on, you cannot leave me with a cliffhanger like that."

Hinata simply shrugged. "Sorry, it's between me and Naruto-kun."

"Oh you are quite the tease my dear." Lilith said, slightly impressed.

Ino was about to argue when Tenten interrupted. "Oh relax, Ino-chan. Tell ya what, since I know you're going to ask about it anyway, how about I tell you about my night with Neji-kun?"

That brought the platinum-blonde girl's thoughts away from Hinata's night. "Yes do tell, how you ever seduced the cold Hyuuga."

Tenten smiled. "Oh there was nothing cold about him last night. And in all fairness, I think he was the one who did most of the seducing."

Both Ino and Hinata looked surprised, although Hinata was much less surprised. "No way. Him?" Ino asked.

Tenten nodded. "It was so unlike him. But what he did sure got me worked up."


Konoha at early night was so peaceful, even more so then it was in the day. The streets weren't crowded with villagers and vendors but some were still out and active. The air was silent instead of filled with voices of hundreds. The light from lamps by the streets and the moon gave illumination to the darkness.

So calm and peaceful, and that was just how Tenten liked it after a long day of training.

She had spent the afternoon out in Training Ground Three, using her various weapon techniques on an army of training dummies with new weapons. When she had finished the dummies had been reduced small chunks of woods. The chuunin stretched a bit as she walked, done for the day. It was a quarter till eight and she still felt a bit restless. Tenten figured she could get home and grab a small dinner without bothering her parents, shower, and then go to bed.

She continued walking, until she heard something from behind. She slowed down but didn't stop to avoid giving herself away, and heard separate footsteps, which meant someone was following her.

Tenten quickly spun around, her hand on her kunai pouch and ready to draw. Then she saw who had been following her. "Neji?" Tenten said, surprised to see the Hyuuga genius showing up like this. "What are you doing here?"

Neji, no longer possessing his normal inhibitions thanks to the Aiyokugan, fondly stared directly at her. "I was looking for you, my dear friend. You were harder to find than I anticipated." His eyes scanned her up and down, focusing mostly on her bust. "Have the exercises Hokage-sama taught you made any progress yet?"

"What exercises?" Tenten asked, having no idea what he was referring to.

"I was told that you were taught some techniques that gave Hokage-sama her large bosom and you were trying them out for yourself. I was curious to see if this was true." He explained.

'He came here because he thought that?' The kunoichi asked herself. 'He was... interested in my breast size? Since when has he been a pervert? It's about damn time he showed some interest like that. Wait, did I really just say that?'

Neji stepped closer. "I don't see much of a difference yet." He commented as he poked her left breast gently.

Tenten screamed in shock, slapped him, and covered her chest with her other arm. She was blushing furiously and breathing heavily, but for some reason she wasn't offended. "Dammit Neji! First time you touch me there and you had to do it like that?" She noticed his smile grew and that bothered her a bit. "What's that look for?"

"'First time you touch me there'? You wouldn't have said that unless you wanted it." He stated confidently.

Tenten's blush deepened. "W-w-what? Th-that's crazy. You... you don't know what y-you're talking about."

Neji snickered. "I'm not hearing a 'no'."

Tentens brow arched, suspecting there was something weird about Neji. He looked slightly off-balance, but not because of her slap, and his voice lacked its usual stoicism. "Neji, are you alri-" However she got no further because Neji launched himself at her, wrapping his arms around her, preventing her from moving, and finally kissing her lustfully. Tenten's mouth had been slightly open, and Neji took advantage of that. His tongue darted in and wrestled with hers.

That completely caught her by surprise. Never, even in her wildest dreams -or often fantasies- had she thought of Neji doing this. He had always seemed so reserved when it came such things as this but now… now he was committing an action that was completely opposite of him. And truth be told, she was loving it.

Neji finally broke the kiss, allowing them both time to breath.

"N… Neji, what's gotten into you?"

However he did not answer, for the Hyuuga then begun his second attack. With one hand feverishly squeezing her breasts, while the other groped her backside.

The kunoichi let out a small moan, her face becoming bright red. She knew she shouldn't react in such an encouraging way, but Neji's touch felt so good on her body she couldn't help it. And then the hand that had been on her ass was beginning to make its move towards the front. Towards Tenten's most personal spot, and she instinctively put her foot down… or instead she swiped her foot under Neji's legs, catching him off-guard. The white-eyed ninja let out a groan of pain and fell onto the ground.

Tenten stood there for a moment looking down at him, her face still bright red, and even in the dim light she could see that Neji's face was also a shade darker. She was also struggling to catch her breath as quick as she could.

"Ahhh, Tenten-chan, why did you do that?" He asked as he stared at her with a type of… deep longing.

The skilled markswomen regained her composure and crossed her arms. "I want to know what the hell it is you are doing." She demanded.

Neji immediately answered. "I'm attempting to do something I should have done awhile ago."

"Are you feeling alright?" She asked, thinking he might have been drunk, knowing what happens to Lee when he drinks; maybe it was the same way with Neji. Although she didn't notice any alcohol in his kiss. "Are you drunk?"

The Hyuuga shook his head. "No I am not. In fact I'm thinking more clearly then I ever have. I am thinking that I love you Tenten, but I never knew how to say it before. And now, as I stand here looking at your beautiful self in the soft moonlight, I'm thinking that I want you now. And I'm getting the feeling that you want me too." He said as he looked at her with desire. He jumped at her again, only to have her foot planted into his face.

"Heel boy." She said as he fell onto the ground again. "If we are doing this, then it is going to be on my terms… we are going to my house."

Neji smiled despite the soreness he felt from those hits. "So you do want it as badly as I do?"

Tenten looked bothered. "What does that mean? Were you going to rape me if I didn't consent?"

"Do you see me as a rapist?" He asked as he got back on his feet.

"No but I also don't see you as a sudden kisser either and you just proved me wrong."

"You can't tell me you didn't like it." Neji added as he stepped closer. Tenten's heart started beating a bit faster but she made no effort to retreat. He got close enough to make out with her again, but before he could, Tenten wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. She was acting completely on impulse here and didn't mind it. Not even when his hands returned to her posterior. If anything that made her dry-hump him for a second.

'I don't know what's gotten into you Neji-kun... but it's about damn time you showed some kind of interest. I couldn't wait forever.' Tenten thought as her tongue danced with his.

Neji broke the kiss to come up for air. "You wanna go to your place like you said? Just so you know, my room has silencing and byakugan-stopping seals in it for complete privacy."

Tenten arched her eyebrow but looked rather tempted. "You planning on being loud?"

He gave her a smirk that practically made her melt in his arms. "No, I plan on you being the loud one."

"I'd like to see you try."

"So do I."

(End flashback)

"I don't think I should hear the rest." Hinata interrupted. "He is my cousin after all."

Tenten nodded. "Good point. But just for the record, the next thing I knew we had sneaked into his room and went at it like rabbits. I'm still walking with a bit of a limp."

"Me too." Hinata commented.

Ino's jaw dropped at hearing Tenten's story. She herself had tried to use her amazing charm on Neji, only once, in the Forest of Death years ago, and had only gotten a cold shoulder. Either he was cold or she was unsexy, and Ino wasn't going to suspect the latter.

Hinata clapped her hands together. "In any case, well done Tenten, I never knew that Neji-nii-san could be so… bold. I wonder what got him so worked up." She lied, knowing the whole truth behind his motivation.

"The abilities of the succubus is powerful, we can turn any man into a sex machine. It's awesome. I once was even able to make a eunich cum. Don't ask how, even I can't figure that one out exactly." Lilith said.

'Lilith, are you made out of chakra, or hormones?' Hinata asked herself.

"I don't know, but I hope it lasts." The weapon user said with a perverse tone.

"So tell me, where is your blonde boyfriend now?" Ino asked the Hyuuga heiress.

Hinatas face fell. "He was called away on a mission to Suna. And I was hoping to spend more time with him." She said sadly.

"Ahh don't worry about, I am sure Naruto will be back soon." Tenten said.

"He better be, I can't last with self-pleasure forever." Lilith grumbled. "Are you positive there are no other guys who could at least be fuck-buddies?"

Hinata sighed. "I sure hope Naruto-kun comes back soon. There's no other guy for me in this world."

"Not to be rude Hinata, but what do you see in him?" Ino asked. "I mean, yeah he's cute in a way, funny, and a good friend in small doses. But... I never thought of him as sexy."

"Oh if you saw what I saw you wouldn't say that." Hinata responded teasingly.

Ino took a step closer and gently but firmly grabbed Hinata's left arm. "Okay, now you have to spill the juicy details or we won't let you leave."

Tenten nodded and grabbed a hold of Hinata's other arm. "Yeah. I did. Now it's your turn."

"Damn, I can't help you. All my moves are meant to work on men." Lilith moaned.

Hinata smirked and performed a shushin, something Kurenai taught her in case she was ever being hounded like this. Of course Kurenai had assumed it would be horny men hounding her, not curious women. So Hinata disappeared in a swirl of leaves and reappeared in front of Naruto's apartment door.

"That ought to hold them off for a bit." she said to herself before looking at the door and shrugged. "Well as long as I'm here..." She unlocked the door and went inside.


Back with Ino and Tenten, the ponytailed girl faced the bun-haired one. "Well now that she's gone, finish the story."

Tenten blushed, then smiled. "Alright, but it will cost you."

Ino lightly frowned. "What did you have in mind?"

"You've gotta get Hinata's story out of her tonight, no matter how stubborn she is."

Ino smirked. "Can do. Now get to it. What happened once you got to his room?"

Tenten sighed wistfully. "Now that's where it gets good."


Tenten walked up the walls of the building Neji lived in and reached the window to his room. He was already inside and opened it so she could enter. 'I can't believe this is really happening.' She thought, nervous yet excited.

Once she was inside, Neji closed the window, activated the complete privacy seals including the locks on the door, then embraced her in another hug. Before he could kiss her again, she put her hand on his lips. "Neji-kun, before we do more, I need to know two things. Do you really love me, and how far do you intend to go tonight?" She sounded a bit uncertain just then.

Neji paused to compose yourself. "Tenten-chan, I definitely feel a great attraction to you. I call it love because I find you beautiful, admirable, and someone I enjoy being around in my free time. You're the most competent kunoichi I've seen in this village and you take your job seriously, as opposed to several others I've seen over the years. And yet you still manage to keep a rather feminine appeal to you. I love that in a woman so of course I love you."

Tenten blushed to a Hinata-like degree. "But is it... 'I want to date you' love or 'I want to sleep with you' love?"

"That depends entirely on you. Either way, you won't be disappointed."

Tenten was having an internal debate. 'I was hoping we could date first then get to the dirty stuff, but doing it backwards isn't a crime I guess. But who buys the cow when they get the milk for free? Maybe I should stop now, but then again when will I ever have a chance like this again?' She sighed before replying verbally. "Neji-kun, I'm flattered, but... I don't know what I want just now."

The Hyuuga prodigy arched his eyebrow and took her hands in his. "Then... why did you say we should go to your house? And then decide to come here because it was more private?" He then rubbed her right cheek slowly with just his index finger. "I think you do know what you want but you're just nervous about it."

"Well can you blame me?" Tenten asked. "It means a lot for girls."

Neji frowned. "You say that like it means nothing for guys. Tenten, we care about our first times too. The only difference is that while girls are under pressure to keep their virginity, guys are under pressure to lose theirs."

"And here I thought guys were just sex-crazed animals who thought of having sex as scoring and wanting to get the highest scores so they could brag about it to other guys." Tenten scoffed.

"Some are, but that's mostly just no consideration for the women involved and no control over their testosterone. Do you see me as one of those jerks?"

"No, but do you see me as one of the women that just give in to a guy who asks nice enough?" She asked back.

"Well, considering you're in my room now, I'd say yes if you love the guy." The Hyuuga branch member replied, making her blush and look down at her feet with a sigh.

"In that case, go ahead Neji-kun." Tenten said, no longer wanting to delay this moment. He was right, she knew what she wanted and was tired of pretending she didn't.

Slowly Neji grasped the bottom of her white haori, pulling up slowly while Tenten raised her arms to help him take it off, revealing her supple chest, concealed by a black bra, and her flat stomach in all it's glory. The smooth softness of her skin looked enticing to the Hyuuga branch member.

"You're so beautiful." Neji whispered. Placing his hand on her breast Neji kissed her, with a raw unbridled passion that one would not suspect of him. His hands working their way under the fabric and grasping and squeezing them.

'When did he get like this? What caused him to become so pervy?' Tenten asked herself as she felt his soft caress. 'Whatever it was, please Kami don't let it be a one-time thing.'

Neji's hands then moved from her breasts and began to drift under the hem of her hakama, then slipped beneath her panties to touch her netherlips. This time she did not resist. The contact of his finger against her most intimate spot made her arch her back slightly, gasping in surprise.

"Let's get these off." Neji whispered, pulling his hand away from her, working the button on her pants. Once her pants were completely off Neji just had to stare at her panties, they were white with little pink cartoon bunnies on them.

"Rabbits? Really?" Neji asked with a hint of humor, the moment somewhat lost.

Tenten punched him in the arm hard. "Shut up, and get your clothes off Mister."

Neji quickly did as he was told. First the shirt came off, exposing his well-muscled form. Then came the pants, Tenten raising a brow at the boxers lined with yellow smile faces. That sight made her crack up. "And you made fun of my underwear? Look who's talking." However when he removed his boxers Tenten gaped at the large seven inch thick dick that he possessed.

Neji stood there in all his glory, showing it off a bit. Tenten mumbled something that he was unable to here. "What was that?" He asked, leaning in a bit closer.

"I said, I want you to take that thing and make me a woman." Tenten stated in a throaty purr. While she did she also hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and pulled them down, wiggling her hips tantalusly as she did so, then kicking the garmet away. Now both were naked as the day they were born, wearing only perverse yet loving smiles and their many acquired battle scars.

"As you wish." Neji smiled as he laid her down on his bed and positioned himself above her. When he had done so Tenten wrapped her legs around him, her shins smooth against his waist, pulling Neji closer until his dick rubbed against her slit. Neji sucked on her neck while his phallus practically massaged her opening, making her shudder in pleasure and desire.

When he was certain she was completely ready and willing, he slid himself inside her. The Hyuuga could feel the walls of the girl's sex pressing around his member as he got further inside her. He soon met with the barrier, and, giving Tenten a friendly smile, he drove past it.

Tenten gritted her teeth in pain, looking up to the ceiling and forcing herself not to cry out. Her hands squeezed around two fistfuls of the blanket on the bed, closing her eyes against the pain. But thru the pain she felt utter joy and rapture.

For Neji it felt incredible, feeling her tight wet pussy pressing against him, clamping him but not uncomfortably. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced.

Through her clenched teeth and tightly shut eyes, Tenten whispered. "...fuck me. Now."

Neji obeyed, slowly moving out and then ramming it back in with rough force. Tenten wanted to yell out in pain and ecstasy but she couldn't find her voice, so she merely shot her arms up and dug her nails deep into Neji's pale skin on his back, which caused the Hyuuga a great deal of discomfort but he did not let up.

Slowly Tenten's body became accustomed to his thrusts into her. The sounds of her pussy squelching as he rammed into her and their near tandem-breathing were the only sounds in the otherwise silent room.

After ten minutes the pain began to subside completely, and pleasure began to replace it just as completely. Neji could feel her grip loosen until finally her nails released from his skin and fell back onto the bed.

"More Neji. More." She demanded. Smiling, Neji began to increase the pace even more, his thick cock hitting her sweet spot, sending waves of euphoria through her body. "Oh Neji." Tenten cried out, drowning herself in her ecstasy.

"You feel amazing." Neji said, his momentum never decreasing.

"I love you Neji." Tenten moaned, the wet slaps of their bodies crashing against each other, filling the room with the rhythm of sex and love

"I love you too." The Hyuuga genius whispered back.

Finally Tenten could feel her pleasure building up, like a volcano ready to erupt. "Neji… I'm... going... to... cum!" Tenten moaned, pulling him down and kissing him, her vagina twitching violently, wanting him to release inside of her.

"Me too." Neji whispered, with Tenten kissing him again as he drove his body into her.

Finally neither of them could hold in any longer. Driving himself deep inside her one final time, Neji moaned in euphoric rapture as he released himself inside of her, and Tenten felt herself explode as well. Their juices were mixing with each other, overflowing and spilling out, but neither caring. They lay upon each other, simply kissing and grasping each other, for the night was still young.

(End flashback)

Ino's mouth hung open as Tenten finished her tale, having gone into deep graphic detail of the whole experience. A few people in the streets were trying to listen so Ino and Tenten had to move to the rooftops halfway thru the story.

"It was literally the best night of my life, although Neji-kun seemed a bit confused this morning. He seemed quite shocked that we were there, saying he briefly thought he had just dreamed the whole thing. I was a bit hurt, thinking he didn't mean it, but he assured he did, but couldn't remember what got him so eager yesterday."

"I don't think anyone could ever forget something like that." Ino replied, shaking her head.

Teten nodded. "Alright now remember our deal, you have to find out what Hinata and Naruto did."

Ino nodded and cracked her knuckles. "Oh don't worry, I have my methods."


Hinata laid on Naruto's futon, hugging his pillow to her face, taking in his scent. "Like ramen." She said, pleased and somewhat nostalgic.

"Enough about your amazing lover, we have a serious problem that must be dealt with." Lilith said.

"For the last time, I am not having sex with any other guy." Hinata said, annoyed with much force.

"Ok, you clearly don't seem to be understanding the concept. We. Need. To. Have. Sex. We cannot last too long without it."

Hinata sat up. "What do you mean?"

"Sex, is like nourishment for a succubus. It is a necessity like food and water, we need it in order to survive. We need it more than we need food and water in fact. The more sex we take in the more power we get, however if we wait too long we start to lose a lot of energy. It's like starvation, with similar results. When I was sealed away in that damn sapphire, I was in suspended animation so I didn't need any. But now that I'm out I need a lot and you, my vessel, will suffer with me if you hold out."

"Couldn't you have told me this when we met?" Hinata angrily asked as she got to her feet.

"I did. I told you you would get a lot of benefits from me but they came with the price of having a lot of sex to keep me fed. If you starve me you'll suffer too. You should have known that without me pointing it out girl."

"And how does this affect me now that we are bonded?"

"Well there are a two possibilities that could happen. One, you will become incredibly weak and tired. You will be struck with fatigue and possibly fainting spells that have nothing to do with shyness. You could even lose weight and look like you're starving to death. You would need the energy of 12 masturbations to equal one intercourse in order to even get thru the day." Lilith explained.

Hinata thought that over and shook her head. "What's the second possibility?"

"You will become a total bitch, grumpy and irritable. Like some people when they're really hungry. You will snap at the first person who even says 'hi' to you. After that the cravings are gonna start, and no matter how resolved you are, you will in time lose all restraint and go after any and every man you can get your hands on. Even relatives and sworn enemies if you're desperate enough. You would tear everything apart to get a dick in you, much like a starving person who sees any type of food before him. He wouldn't care what it was if he was incredibly hungry, and you won't care who the man is if you get incredibly horny."

That one sounded worse than the first option. "So what would you suggest?" Hinata asked, already knowing the answer.

"We need some sort of lover while your beloved is away. Because we both know both he and you could be separated from each other for days even weeks at a time, which will both drive him and especially you insane. Therefore we need some sort of boy toy to occupy our time. What about that dog boy… Kiba something?" Lilith suggested.

"No, no way." Hinata said flatly.

"Why not? He may turn out be a quick finisher as I suspect, but he at least might be able to take doggy style to a whole new level. And he looks willing enough to do whatever you say."

"I like Kiba, but only as a friend and my body is for Naruto-kun only."

"Yeha, tell me the same thing in the morning. Your pussy will be growling like a dog for a bone."


Ino stared through the window, watching Hinata just walk around Naruto's apartment, talking to herself.

"Can't we use a clone and transformation jutsu?" A brief pause. "What do you mean it's not the same thing? An orgasm's an orgasm."

Ino raised her brow. 'Who the hell is she talking too?'

Hinata continued talking to 'no one'. "I am not being a prude, but we are not going after Kiba."

Ino's eyes widened in complete surprise. 'Kiba too? She has strange tastes in men.'

"I'll go follow Naruto-kun on his mission if it comes to that. Isn't that good enough for you?" Hinata almost yelled, looking like she was running out of patience.

Ino really wanted to ask what the heck was going on. However, a deal was a deal and she had to get the information on what had happened between Hinata and Naruto. And to do that, she would have to go into Hinata's mind to get the information.

She did not like having to use the Mindwalk Jutsu on friends, however circumstances required it. Ino would jump in, get the memories, and jump out. And Hinata would never know anything about. Thus the platinum blonde ninja performed the hand signs, and whispered. "Mindwalk Jutsu."

She was in for one hell of a surprise.
Here is a very sexy story written by BrownPhantom and myself.

Hinata has always been too shy and afraid to reveal herself to Naruto. But just before he returns to Konoha, she gets help from an unlikely source. Now she's got the guts to stake her claim, and she won't hide anymore. Rated M for a reason, not for kids.

For more of BrownPhantoms awesome work check out at
I hope that she stays loyal to Naruto...
Knight-BIshop Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Its Hinata of course she will stay loyal
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